Eiskalt und beinhart

Früher trugen die Spieler selten Helme und wenig Zähne:  Historische Bilder aus Kanada, dem Mutterland des Eishockeys.


CANADA - JANUARY 30: Getting the lowdown: Leaf goalie Paul Harrison was tested a little last night by Detroit Red Wings; especially in the third period; when they turned a 5-0 Leaf runaway into a 6-4 Loss. (Photo by Doug Griffin/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Paul Harrison, der Torhüter der Toronto Maple Leafs wird im Spiel gegen die Detroit Red Wings getestet. (30. Januar 1980; Doug Griffin/ Getty Images)

CANADA - NOVEMBER 23: Dazzling glove save is made by Leaf goalie Wayne Thomas as Montreal Canadiens' Yvan Cournoyer; also sprawled on ice; looks on with astonishment. Action occured in National Hockey League game at Gardens Saturday night between long-time rivals. Thomas played fine game; but Habs' defensive work led to 4-2 loss. Leafs salvaged point from weekend; trying Boston Bruins; 3-3 last night. (Photo by Dick Darrell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Schlitterpartie: Toronto-Keeper Wayne Thomas pariert im Spiel gegen die Montreal Canadians einen Schuss von Yvan Cournoyer. (23. November 1975;Dick Darrell/ Getty Images)

CANADA - MAY 01: Baring his fangs: Chicago Cougars' Jim Benzelock snarls his defiance at Toronto Toro opponent as linesman Mike Entwistle attempts to restrain him during one of many brawls that World Hockey Association semi-final Gardens. Toros won; 5-3; to take series; but not before wild third period that in two 10-minute misconducts and pair of fight majors. Toro's edge in skating was the difference. [Incomplete] (Photo by Doug Griffin/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Zeigt Zähne: Chicago Cougars Jim Benzelock muss im Spiel gegen Toronto vom Linesman zurückgehalten werden. (1. Mai 1974;Doug Griffin/Getty Images)

CANADA - MARCH 14: Man on the firing line: Detroit Red Wings goalie Jim Rutherford streches for puck in game at Gardens;. Rutherford missed puck but it went over net. Leaf won 6-0. Scorers were Darryl Sittler; Bruce Boudreau; Paul Evans; Lanny McDonald; Don Ashby and Ian Turnbull. Leafs lost last night. (Photo by Doug Griffin/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Akrobatisch: Jim Rutherford, Goalie der Detroit Red Wings streckt sich im Spiel gegen Toronto nach einem Puck. (14. März 1977; Doug Griffin/Getty Images)

CANADA - DECEMBER 01: Scoring With A Flair: Leafs' Darryl Sittler (27) turns a somersault and knocks goal posts off supports after scoring one of two goals in Saturday night's game against Washington Capitals at the Gardens. Caps' goalie Ron Low is sprawled along ice while teammate Yvon Labre (7) looks on with dismay and Leafs' Norm Ullman seems surprised by Sittler's tumble. Sittler was unhurt as Leafs went on to 7-1 win. Toronto game last night in Detroit was snowed out. (Photo by Ron Bull/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Doppelter Torschütze: Darryl Sitter fliegt im Spiel gegen die Washington Capitals zusammen mit dem Puck ins Tor. (1. Dezember 1974; Ron Bull/Getty Images)

CANADA - JANUARY 10: Man In Iron Mask: Toronto Toros' Paul Henderson is the player who is wearing the face mask to protect badly broken nose. Above; he also appears to have a hitch-hiker; Jim Hargreaves (28) of San Diego Mariners. Toronto won World Hockey Association game at Gardens; 4-3. Afterwards; coach Billy Harris departed for what's described as leave of absence. (Photo by Doug Griffin/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Um seine gebrochene Nase zu schützen, trägt Paul Henderson von den Toronto Toros einen Gesichtsschutz. (10. Januar 1975; Doug Griffin/Getty Images)

CANADA - DECEMBER 10: What goes up à Minnesota Fighting Saints' Frank Huck (25) heads for hard landing on Maple Leaf Gardens' ice after collision with Toros' Jim Turkiewicz during last night's World Hockey Association game. Toros' goalie Gilles Gratton scrambles to get out of way. Toros again came up with lacklustre display on home ice and lost; 4-2. It was Toronto club's sixth consecutive loss at the Gardens. (Photo by Ron Bull/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Nach einem Zusammenprall im Spiel gegen die Toronto Toros fliegt Franck Huck von den Minnesota Fighting Saints durch die Luft. (10. Dezember 1974;Ron Bull/Getty Images)

CANADA - DECEMBER 15: Back in business: Goalie Wayne Thomas crouches to stop a shot at the Leafs' goal in last nights' game against St. Louis Blues. Thomas; who regained his spot with the Leafs after rookie Mike Palmateer suffered an eye injury at the weekend; was a standout as the Leafs beat the Blues 4-1. He was on his way to a shutout until a hard; low shot by Blues' Gary Unger beat him with 51 seconds left in the game. (Photo by Doug Griffin/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Goalie Wayne Thomas pariert im Spiel gegen die St. Louis Blues einen Schuss (15. Dezember; Doug Griffin/Getty images)

CANADA - MAY 01: Caught in full flight: Montreal Canadien defenceman Pierre Bouchard puts crunch on Buffalo forward Richard Martin at Forum last night. Martin was kept in check throughout the Stanley Cup playoff game and so were his mates as Canadiens roared to 7-0 victory. Buffalo has 2-1 edge with game four tomorrow. (Photo by Frank Lennon/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Kerniger Check: Pierre Bouchard (Montreal Canadien) knallt Buffalo-Stürmer Richard Martin an die Bande. (1. Mai 1975;Frank Lennon/Getty Images)

CANADA - FEBRUARY 19: Three's A Crowd: Chicago Cougars' goalie Dave Dryden; whose face mask is fierce enough to scare most opponents; is crowded in goal crease by teammate Darryl Maggs (4) and Toros' Steve Cuddie. Action occurred in last night's World Hockey Association game at the Gardens. Cougars won in overtime; 4-3. (Photo by Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Kein Durchkommen: Toronto Toros‘ Steve Cuddie wird von Dave Dryden und und Darryl Maggs in die Mangel genommen. (19. Februar 1975; Keith Beaty/Getty Images)

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