Schön hässlich!

Ramin Rahimian porträtiert die hässlichsten Hunde und sucht nach der speziellen Schönheit dieser Geschöpfe.

What a serious face. This was Bubbers’ first time in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. He is a Xoloitzcuintle breed, or Mexican Hairless Dog, from Arivaca, Arizona where he lives on a farm with a bunch of goats. He is a rescue dog who won over his foster mom and now loves to sit on her lap and follow her everywhere she goes.

Babbers ist ein mexikanischer Nackthund aus Arizona. Xoloitzcuintles, wie die haarlosen Geschöpfe auch genannt werden, sind nicht das Produkt einer modernen Züchtung, sondern begleiten den Menschen seit etwa 3500 Jahren.

Anders als von Kritikern moniert, machen sich am Ugliest-Dog-Contest nicht etwa Tierquäler über besonders missratene Zuchterfolge lustig, vielmehr feiern die Besitzer hier die Einzigartigkeit und Charakterschönheit ihrer Lieblinge. Der Kalifornier Ramin Rahimian rückte die Quasimodos der Hundewelt in seinem provisorisch aufgebauten Fotostudio ins rechte Licht und zeigt mit seinen Aufnahmen, dass man auch mit schütterem Haar, Falten und hängender Zunge das Zeug zum Champion haben kann.

Look at this distinguished old lady! This is Boolah and she is 17 years old. Her mom thinks she is part Chinese Crested and her dad thinks she is part Xoloitzcuintle. She lives in Payette, Idaho, right on the Oregon border. She is the child of a little cute Pomeranian and her dad, who was found roaming the Oregon desert. Missing most of her teeth, suffering from diabetes, deafness and bowed legs made her a perfect candidate for her third trip the contest in Petaluma.

Boolah, 17-jährig, aus Payette in Idaho.


Isaboo - his friends call him Himisaboo - was born with this awesome mohawk. His big sister is old lady Boolah (17!). This is his third time in the contest. He snagged third place two years ago in the mutt category. He is obsessed with chasing his tail.

Isaboo kam mit einer Irokesenfrisur zur Welt und ist Boolahs Schwester.

This is the wise and regal from Butte County, California. He was rescued from a hoarder's house. He's gone a long way and has since been in movies, on magazine covers, and, most recently, he went to Hollywood to shoot an international Ray Ban ad. When he's not working the stage at the contest, he is eating funnel cakes.

Der Star der Szene: Icky hatte schon Auftritte in Filmen und war auf Covers zu sehen. Kürzlich wurde mit ihm ein Werbespot für Ray Ban gedreht.

Scamp walked the mean streets of Compton. His stealing ways ended him up in a shelter. On the day Scamp was to be put down, he was taken home to a foster penthouse condo in Manhattan Beach. Through Paws for Love, he finally found a home in Santa Rosa, CA. He is now a volunteer pet therapy dog. Last year, a judge at the contest commented that Scamp looks like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

Was für eine Ehre: Ein Jurymitglied meinte, dass Scamp aus Compton ihn an den Stones-Gitarristen Keith Richards erinnere.

Sweepee RamboÕs biggest fan is her dad who is always telling people Sweepee is the prettiest little blue eyed Chinese Crested Chihuahua he has ever known. She drives to work everyday with her dad. At 15 years old, Sweepee Rambo is blind in both eyes and wears doggie diapers.

Sweepee Rambo ist 15 Jahre alt, blind und fährt jeden Tag mit ihrem Besitzer zur Arbeit.

Quasi Modo - the winner! NOT MY WORDS - from Quasi Modo Howdy, my name is Quasi Modo and I am 10yr old pit/dutch shepherd mix breed dog. I have traveled here from far away place called Loxahatchee Florida. I was abandoned at an animal shelter and because of my strange looks life was looking pretty grim. Luckily, one of the veterinarians there saw the sparkle in my eyes and took me home. I have multiple birth defects to my spine. My back is too short for the rest of my body and the parts went together in the worst possible way. In spite of this I still run, play and enjoy life to the fullest. My appearance can be a little unsettling to some ( I have had grown men jump on top of their cars to get away from me because they thought I was a hyena or Tasmanian devil) but once they get to know me I win them over with my bubbly personality. I love to meet new people and teach them about diversity. I have become a great ambassador for teaching people about acceptance and tolerance for things that are different. You should never judge a book by its cover! Just because an animal or person looks different doesnÕt mean theyÕre any less deserving of love. ItÕs OK to be different. I have been in the contest once before. Last year after my mom and dad were married in Las Vegas, by Clint Eastwood, they brought me here on their honeymoon.

Der 10-jährige Quasi Modo leidet unter einer zu kurzen Wirbelsäule, kann aber laut seinem Besitzer sein Leben trotzdem in vollen Zügen geniessen.

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