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Roland Fischer am Mittwoch den 19. Oktober 2016

Bern? Was läuft? Bisschen durchatmen vor dem Wochenende, mit Tanz in Bern, zoom in, Raving Iran und bee-flat-Eröffnung? Also schauen wir doch rasch in die weite Welt hinaus, da läuft nämlich gerade ziemlich was. Könnte womöglich auch hier von Interesse sein.

Wann? 2017! «There’s a freshness to it, a lightness to it,» MacLachlan says.
Lightness? Twin Peaks? Nun bekomme ich wirklich Gänsehaut.

Und apropos:

Mark Frost’s new book The Secret History of Twin Peaks is now out and available for purchase. For those who simply cannot wait for Twin Peaks’ new season to hit Showtime, this might help tide you over.

Wem der ganz konkrete weltpolitische Horror lieber ist, dem sei der neueste Wurf von Adam Curtis ans Herz gelegt, auch eben erst herausgekommen und hier in Gänze zu sehen. Food for thought.

all of us in the West – not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves – have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. […] This strange world was built by all of us. We all went along with it because the simplicity was reassuring. And that included the left and the radicals who thought they were attacking the system. The film shows how they too retreated into this make-believe world – which is why their opposition today has no effect, and nothing ever changes.

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