From Joburg to Bern: Vol. 7

Milena Krstic am Mittwoch den 16. Dezember 2015

KSB präsentiert Ihnen  jeden Mittwoch einen Gastbeitrag von Milton Milaras. In Ausgabe Nummer sieben von «From Joburg to Bern» sinniert unser Autor über das Tanzangebot in der Hauptstadt.

Wir wagen den Versuch und drucken Milaras’ Beiträge nur auf Englisch.

The Dancer by Milton Milaras

Image credit & copyright: M. Milaras

There is something to be said for the dance community the world over. They know what it is to roll with life. To glide with following-surrender when life indiscriminately calls the shots; and to step boldly, seductively forward when an opportunity smiles.

And thus, in arriving in a foreign place, I orbit towards those who know the rest of rhythm; be it of floating into the pull of the Aare River in summer, or the daily rising-falling gravity of one’s own heart.

Dancers know to find the still wide space in the forever waves of movement. This trust and investigation of movement begins with a commitment to the dance floor community, be it Butoh, Contact Improv, Movement Medicine or Five Rhythms (all of which I´ve found thriving and welcoming in Bern).

Each dance practice is vastly different in flavour, but all are ice-cream so to speak: rich, sometimes challenging, but ever good.

It is in dancing with these other vulnerable human beings, that my rollercoaster time here in Bern has been gentled, lulled, rocked: peacefully and playfully.

My gratitude to you, who are all the dance. Panta Rhei.

Milton Milaras ist vor ein paar Monaten in Bern gestrandet und kennt die Hauptstadt mittlerweile fast so gut wie seine Heimat Johannesburg. Er ist Autor, Geograph und Tänzer.

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