From Joburg to Bern: Vol. 6

Milena Krstic am Mittwoch den 9. Dezember 2015

KSB präsentiert Ihnen  jeden Mittwoch einen Gastbeitrag von Milton Milaras. In Ausgabe Nummer sechs von «From Joburg to Bern» berichtet unser Autor vom Papierkram-Krieg und seinem Verhältnis zu Reisepässen (von denen er selbst drei hat).

Wir wagen den Versuch und drucken Milaras’ Beiträge nur auf Englisch.

Word. Picture taken at Hafestraße Hamburg. Foto: zvg

Word. Picture taken at Hafestraße Hamburg. Foto: zvg

Bureaucracy. That paper-headed devil to whom we pay penance for our subjugation of freedom and abdication of moral responsibility. Over the last week I’ve chased administrative paper trails like the Scooby gang on crack. Only to scratch at the surface of some document producing über-machine which demands to be fed with its own forms – presumably upon which you transcribe and validate your life and deeds, that you may be taxed for them (as though they weren’t taxing enough).

And it is in this definition of self by papers and numbers and different coloured little pass books (aka passports) to which I vehemently object. Not to the necessity of funding common services for the common good. But to the ringfencing, command and control of people as numbers and catagories by a piece of paper as determined by utterly fictitious lines demarcating the piece of soil on this earth upon which they first happened to wetly plop onto. Kein Mensch ist illegal!

#nonations #noborders

Milton Milaras ist vor ein paar Monaten in Bern gestrandet und kennt die Hauptstadt mittlerweile fast so gut wie seine Heimat Johannesburg. Er ist Autor, Geograph und Tänzer.

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