From Joburg to Bern: Vol. 5

Milena Krstic am Mittwoch den 2. Dezember 2015

KSB präsentiert Ihnen  jeden Mittwoch einen Gastbeitrag von Milton Milaras. In Ausgabe Nummer fünf von «From Joburg to Bern» berichtet unser Autor von seinem kulinarisch-politischen Wochenende hier in der Hauptstadt.

Wir wagen den Versuch und drucken Milaras’ Beiträge nur auf Englisch.

Sweet Vegan Delish at 10 Jahre Denk:Mal Festival. Pic by M. M.

A Bernese weekend full of food, alternate realities and sharing! Saturday, Bio4Jede held an organic market along with permaculture talks, hearty meals and live music; while on Sunday, Denk:Mal – Die Autonome Schule Bern, celebrated their tenth anniversary with a Festmahl of epic proportions! For my own purpose of emphasis, I would like to juxtapose these gatherings with the recent happenings in Paris, namely the acts of violence by ISIL and the COP21 climate change talks.

In light of these dramatic events which sway and polarise and anger millions, I believe we need a thousand thousand micro-events each and every weekend which bring us together by way of sharing time, care and food. The ripples of such kind, considered events are multiplied at the individual and community levels, and reach wider, and with gladder hearts, than all the fear which global media feeds our small tight angry divisions.

So look about: find food, friends, community and an alternative paradigm which sustainably supports human wellbeing, and mash them together as often and as wildly as you can till we change the world from the ground up.

#radicalselfreliance #radicalparticipation

Milton Milaras ist vor ein paar Monaten in Bern gestrandet und kennt die Hauptstadt mittlerweile fast so gut wie seine Heimat Johannesburg. Er is Autor, Geograph und Tänzer und unterrichtet heute ab 17.30 Uhr das letzte Mal «Creative Writing» an der autonomen Schule Denk:Mal in der Lorraine. 


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